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You are going to be added to our WhatsApp group “PADI school Event”

User information:
The Group is open for all diving and free diving enthusiasts. The addition to this Group is not moderate and takes place automatically.  You are aware that all subscribers will be able to see your phone number, your posts / communications.

“PADIschool Event” aims to create opportunities for divers to find a diving buddy to share this fantastic sport.

You can also be informed about events organized by PADI school.

– It ‘may not use improper and abusive language, remember that even underage boys / girls could be part of this group.

– And ‘it is forbidden to advertise Diving activities and not with commercial purpose.

– It is forbidden to contact a user in private, without first having been authorized in public, in the group, by the user you want to contact.

– Failure to comply with one of the points above, It provides for the immediate expulsion from the group “PADI School Event”.

If you believe that what is required by our rules is correct, then proceed, because you are welcome to “PADI school Event”

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