W172 II – LED Light

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Product Characteristics

1  Water resistant portable high-intensity LED search light.
2  Light source consists of 6 CREE XM-L2 LEDs with a brightness of up to 6300 lumens.
3  Submersible (suitable for underwater lighting or shooting) with an IPX8 water-proof grade, and diving depth up to 150 meters.
4  Suitable for outdoor lighting: mountains, fields, ships, piers, etc.
5  Made from aviation-grade aluminum with a hard-anodized, surface hardness up to military level three, surface is processed with an anti-wear treatment method, making it resistant to seawater corrosion.
6  Frame is processed with solid aluminum alloy CNC with large areas of leafshaped heat sinks that are able to dissipate the heat from LEDs quickly and efficiently, extending the LEDs’  life.
7  Streamlined handle is processed with solid aluminum alloy CNC,making it
comfortable and exquisite.
8  The handle is equipped with 1/4 inch screw holes with a wide application, the light can be installed on the camera tripod or other bracket directly for lighting purposes. In addition, there is a dedicated Gopro mounting hole, through which, the Gopro camera equipment can be fixed on the handle with Ferei’s dedicated
9  The front and rear end of the handle are equipped with mounting holes that can be used to mount straps or hand ropes easily and quickly.
10  The aluminum alloy reflector laminates the alloy reflective film with an ultra-high temperature treatment method to get better luminous effectiveness and focus, as well as a longer illumination distance.
11  The light can be inverted on a table the handle can also be placed downward
directly as a light support bracket for lighting purposes.
12  There is a direct charging hole on the end of the light that can be charged by directly connecting to the 110V-220V dedicated charger or DC12V car charger by opening the charging cover with the edge of a coin.
13  6 built-in 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries with protective board can be charged repeatedly for safe and energy-efficient use.
14  The torch is equipped with an intelligent circuit, temperature-control system, overcharge and over discharge protection for battery.
15  There is a magnetically controlled switch on the end to turn on/off the light or adjust the brightness.
16  Switch equipped with a drain hole to quickly drain water to prevent freezing in low temperatures.
17  Three levels of brightness: high, medium and low.
18  A blinking signal mode and a low battery warning mode
* One minute flash time to continue 10 to 20 minutes for low voltage blinking warning, when battery leavel gets below warning value before the torch shut down.


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