Filter color mirror Underwater

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dive camera filter color mirror filter Underwater For gopro hero4/hero3



For gopro hero4/hero3+ dive camera filter color mirror filter Underwater Filter
Special design of gopro hero 3 + / 4 camera
Suitable for sunny, tropical places
Create scratch-resistant, optical glass.
Compatible only with standard housings.
Easy to install quickly
How to choose the color of the filter?
Yellow filter: very suitable for tropical waters in the morning, light blue water or correcting the melody of tungsten lamps
Red filter: Improve the red color of the blue water 10-20 meters, especially around the noon
Purple filter: Correct color melody in green waters (algae)
Grayscale Filter: Reduces light intensity, avoids exposure in bright or snowy environments, and reduces red in blue waters
Applicable products: hero 3+ hero 4
Color: red, yellow, purple, gray, pink
Weight: 8g
Size: 5.4*5*1.2cm
Material: plastic and optical glass
The kit includes:
1* filter (not including camera and case)

Product type: Lens filters

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Gray, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


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