Legal Note

Legal Note

Underwater Academy School is a company that organizes training courses for diving activities and continuing education courses for scuba divers and freediving dives.

The Team:
The whole Team that collaborates with the Underwater Academy School in the training of divers, are PADI Certified Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Divemasters with the related state of ACTIVE teaching, as required by PADI educational standards.

All courses promoted by Underwater Academy School deal with the procedures and guidelines required by PADI EMEA.

Course Sheets:
All course sheets on this website ( are taken from the official website of PADI (

The Brand
Underwater Academy School is not an organization directly related to PADI, but only promotes all courses exclusively produced by PADI.

Where Underwater Academy works, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors – PADI – is NOT to be held responsible in any way and may be involved in the case of legal actions concerning the management, tax defaults and non-compliance with regulations or Local Laws. School .

For any clarifications or requests for information, send us an email from here.