First use of a mask

Hi guys ! In my previous article “ Snorkeling, Diving and Freediving: choose the right mask “I explained how to choose a mask and what technical characteristics make the difference.

In this article, I will explain what to do when we find ourselves with a new mask and how to keep it so that it can last as long as possible.

Before going into these topics, I feel obliged to explain to you how to choose the mask that best fits our face.

If we do not choose the mask that best fits our face the first problem we will encounter is water infiltration when we use it and maybe it is one of the most unpleasant problems after fogging. These useful topics, I also deepen them in my courses of Freediving e Dive. So, to understand if the mask we intend to buy fits our face you have to do a small operation that I have divided into three steps: Positioning; Inhale and Leave. (look at the picture below)

Test method

Now that we know how to find the size of our new mask, the time has come to address another topic, that of mask fogging. This problem is the main cause that leads a neophyte to replace his own mask, unaware that the problem of fogging is basically related to the production of the mask itself and the type of silicone used.

Going by order, it is good to know that the part of glass affected by fogging it is the inner part of the mask, obviously because the external one, being in contact with water it cleans itself. As just mentioned, two elements provoke fogging:

A special film used to avoid scratching the glass in cutting phase in production.
The perspiration of the silicone, when they are left under the sun. Masks more prone to silicone sweating, are those clear or transparent.
Another contributing factor over time to keep tarnishing the glass of the masks, is the fat that transpires from the skin of the fingertips.

There are several treatments to prevent your new mask from tarnishing, almeno per la durata della vostra immersione. What I will explain here now is simple and effective. All we need is a little toothpaste, if grained better and liquid dish detergent.

1 – Take your mask and cover the inner glass with toothpaste, spreading it well over the entire area of the glass, with your finger.

2 – when the toothpaste is inside it, add 1 millimeter of water and leave it there for about 12/24 hours.

3 – After 12/24 hours it is time to wash the mask glasses. Before switching to washing glasses it is very important that you wash your hands well, paying attention to finger tips, which will then come into contact with the mask glasses. At this point, empty the mask from the millimeter of water and add the washing up liquid and begin to remove toothpaste residues under running water. Continue until your fingers on the glass it will not emit a small sound given by the resistance.

Done as described above, once cleaned, wrap it in a towel and then absolutely avoid that the fingertips later come into contact with the glasses.

This operation must be repeated every time before using the new mask, because I want to remind you again one of the causes that causes fogging it is precisely the fat that our skin gives off.

Author:Francesco Cordone