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External otitis in sport aquatic

External otitis in sport aquatic

Otitis externa is one of the disorders that most affects young and adult subjects during the summer season.

This "annoyance" or disturbance is the consequence of an infection that arises mainly from bacteria or fungi because the ear is subjected to a massive dose of moisture resulting from prolonged immersion in the sea or swimming pool.

The causes that give rise to external otitis, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, are mainly infectious microorganisms present in the water and which come into contact with the inside of the ear canal, causing an infection

infected ear canal

In addition to sea or pool water, one of the first triggers of external otitis is also the cleaning of the ears. Sometimes, we tend to clean our ears by applying force strong enough to create small lacerations on the delicate inner skin, which statistically is also among the first causes in children and young adults.