Spearfishing – The first approach

Hi guys. In this article I will talk about “Spearfishing” not to be confused with “underwater hunting” which is illegal in all states of the world. We have news of the first forms of underwater fishing from primitive times, derived more from a human request and developed in other forms over the centuries, up to the present day, where it has become a true sport, so much so that every year more and more tournaments are organized by the various federations It is good to know some simple rules before starting apnea.  Spearfishing can be practiced only from sunrise to sunset, this to ensure greater safety for the freediver.  The equipment allowed for those who practice this sport are: wetsuit, mask and snorkel, gun that can be a pneumatic spring, a knife, a torch and the buoy marks sub.

Freediving equipment

For those who are even thinking about trying to do spearfishing, it would be good to rely on a good certified Freediver Instructor and ask to do an underwater freediving test. This test will help your instructor to understand from which level of Freediver Courses should start with you. The importance of participating in a good freediver course is that first of all you will learn the right techniques to be able to dive safely and if you already practice apnea, because you have been good over the years to learn by yourself, by enrolling in the advanced freediving course, you will learn to do better and correctly what you are already doing.

Spearfishing is a specialty of pure apnea. Before starting this type of sport, it is advisable to visit a sports doctor to make sure the cardiovascular system is in good health and that is able to withstand training or to apnea diving during athletic training.
Now let’s go back to the key topic I’m writing this article for and that is to apnea fishing.

As an Instructor, I tell you that the first question I am asked is what is taught during an Apnea Fishing course? Apparently it is an almost obvious question and that most likely you too will be wondering right now. It’s actually a smart question, especially if it is also done by those who already practice apnea fishing.

At the beginning of the course, the topics related to the equipment are examined in depth which to choose such as the wetsuit, the fins and the rifle, important elements for an freediver fisherman. Then you enter the specific apnea fishing technique. For example, for beginners it starts with explaining the technique of lair and razzolo and for the more experienced they will address topics on the attack and the technical aspect.

All subjects have both theoretical lessons but also many practical lessons, this is because your Freediver Instructor can correct teaching how to practice what has been studied.

Finally two topics that are covered in all freediving courses, they are respect for the environment and safety, details that absolutely cannot be underestimated.

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Author:Francesco Cordone