Fantastic opportunity for those who have dreamed of exploring the seabed for too long.

This great offer will allow you and your family to spend a pleasant holiday in the Maltese archipelago, also including one of the many courses that PADI offers around the world.

PADI courses are a sport that fascinates millions of people from every nation, adults and children of all ages.

If you think that scuba diving is reserved for only a few, now it's time to change your mind, because if you are at the first experience, a PADI Instructor, professionally,will guide you until you reach the objectives set by the course to obtain your first scuba diving license recognized all over the world.

Let's see what this offer consists of:

Feel free to organize your holiday at any time of the year, with the freedom to choose in addition to the course, the accommodation where to spend your holiday or to save money by combining one of our solutions.

The course consists of a part of theoretical lessons and another of practical lessons. The theoretical part you can start your learning directly from your home, you will have access to the PADI e-learning platform and in addition you will be able to participate in the Underwater Academy lessons in the virtual classroom, where a PADI Instructor will explain and help you better understand any concepts that were not clear to you.

At the end of your theoretical lessons, you will take a small e-learning exam on the PADI digital platform and having passed this exam, you just have to organize your time to carry out your practical lessons at our school and the practical exam. After passing your exams, you will finally get the certification that certifies that you have become a real diver.

Now don't waste much time, the offer has a limited number and is truly unrepeatable !!!

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